Public Relations

Deliver the right message to the right audience in the right way, and good things will happen.

Our team of public relations consultants and former journalists can help you define the stories that matter to your audiences and ensure you find the right medium to communicate them.

Thought Leadership


Thought leadership articles have become a vital part of contemporary media and communications programs. However, editors are bombarded by contributed content on a daily basis – much of it poorly disguised promotional content. Breaking through requires tapping into current topics of interest to the larger community and offering new and provoking insights which will start a conversation. Watterson researches key trends, themes, government policies and other topics and develops article ideas that work. We can ghost-write and/or edit authored articles for spokespeople to fit the style required by target media, while still maintaining the voice of the spokesperson. We regularly secure thought leadership coverage in national media targets as well as business, technology and other key vertical industry titles. 

Customer Stories and Case Studies


These are the true “bread and butter” of many sustained PR programs. Customers validate what you do, and Watterson is adept at finding the most newsworthy and unique angles of those stories. From there, we take that message and can adapt it to develop a media release, case studies, as the basis of thought leadership pieces or social media videos and blogs. We are a team of former journalists and we use our knowledge of news values to extract the right messages and deliver them to the right audiences.

Digital Communications


Limit your communications to just the printed word and you limit their impact. Whether it’s producing videos for social media, crafting and distributing audio and video news releases for broadcast outlets, developing and posting podcasts or creating video and audio snippets for social, we can create what you need for the audience you want to reach. 

At Watterson we are experts at creating the right content to engage with your stakeholders – be they prospective or existing clients, partners or personnel – we ensure your message is part and parcel of that content.

Analyst Programs


Many companies fall into the trap of treating analysts like the media. We don’t. We know the difference, and the importance of ensuring you get the right message to the right analyst. Analysts provide a vital service to their industries by providing updates, strategy and predictions. They are industry influencers and as such are a brand unto their own.

Watterson’s experienced staff are able to develop unique analyst programs for your company. We can make sure they’re fully briefed on your latest business activities and products, and why you matter to the market.

Crisis Management


When the red lights start flashing Watterson’s dedicated team can swing into action, navigating hazardous media, containing damage, and protecting valuable reputations.

It’s important when a crisis emerges to let a calm and experienced team deploy the right resources, craft the correct messages and provide the wisest counsel. We know that it’s not just about ensuring the right message is delivered to the public, but also to your employees, the board and customers.

Event Management


We are able to manage entire events from the first inspiration to complete realisation, or we can just help out with one aspect.  We can select venues, create a fantastic layout, compose presentations and market it for you. We will make sure your seats are full.

We can launch your products, help populate your news conferences with target media, and make your exhibition or sponsored event memorable.



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