Where We Focus


From the emergence of every form of cloud known to man, to Everything-as-a-Service and anything between, we’ve seen it all and worked with companies of all shapes and sizes to hone their messages for mainstream, broadcast, channel, trade and social media audiences alike.


Australia’s new energy, renewables, electric vehicles and e-Mobility sector is burgeoning, and Watterson has been along for the ride from the start. It’s worked with some of Australia’s world-leading companies and made them household names across the nation.


We’re seeing new technologies making a huge impact on students and teachers alike through our work with a number of clients. If your technology has the potential to change the way students of all ages are taught, get in touch so we can help tell that story to the right audience.


We’ve worked with Australia’s leading independent economic forecaster and industry analyst for more than a decade and they’re now a media staple. We can help your organisation reach those heights with a sustained and cost-effective approach to media engagement.


We’ve worked across the entire sector, helping tell stories across every level of infrastructure: from the fibre and how it’s lit, to terrestrial and submarine deployments, to how it’s used during an emergency and how it’s unified for enterprise. We know the stories and how to communicate yours.


It’s not just about launching your product; it’s about keeping your product and brand in the limelight between launches. Watterson can deliver programs that span 12 months, ensuring publicity is sustained less on sugar hits and more on a steady diet of coverage.


It’s never easy to be heard in the crowded cybersecurity market. Watterson knows the angles that resonate, we have runs on the board, and our team of former journalists have proven experience making your voice stand out from the crowd.

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