Watterson is an independent consultancy based in Sydney

We are tight-knit and creative, a potent mix of PR professionals and journalists working together, tapping each other’s strengths, harnessing our deep media resources, championing our clients. 

We bring our ability to see the world through our clients’ eyes so we develop a real understanding of the challenges and opportunities they face. 

Watterson believes that if we communicate your message with the same energy, enthusiasm and commitment we would use to communicate our own, we will reach the right audiences with your best messages, we will get outstanding coverage, and we will help you achieve your short-term goals and your long-term brand recognition.

Hannah Watterson  Founder and Director

Hannah Watterson

Founder and Director

Harvey Ferle  Senior Consultant

Harvey Ferle

Senior Consultant

Oisin O’Callaghan  Director

Oisin O’Callaghan


Laura Bradley  Consultant

Laura Bradley


Cameron Wells  Director

Cameron Wells


Chloe Curby  Assistant Consultant

Chloe Curby

Assistant Consultant

Nermin Bajric  Senior Consultant

Nermin Bajric

Senior Consultant

Sidar Thams  Operations Manager

Sidar Thams

Operations Manager

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Whether you sell to other businesses or consumers, whether you are in specialist areas like technology, finance, or professional services or whether you operate in a lifestyle sector like travel, health or book publishing, we can make your communications count.